SEASON 1: 2012-13

SEASON 1: 2012-13

October 8, 2012

Supermom by Dean Farell Bruggeman, directed by Lee Sankowich
The Origin Story of Lewis Hackett by Ron Burch, directed by Alejandra Cisneros 
Birthdays by Forrest Hartl, directed by Jesus Reyes
Remembranza by Doug Haverty, directed by Allan Miller
The 5564 to Toronto by Karen Howes, directed by Marya Mazor
The Zombie Cannibals Are Coming by Susan C. Hunter, directed by Jim Kleinmann

November 12, 2012

Cross Winds Over the Saanich Inlet by Karen Howes, directed by Jesus Reyes
Seed Change by Forrest Hartl, directed by Molly Noble
Distance Makes the Heart Grow Further by Andrew Crabtree, directed by Molly Noble
Aptos by Doug Haverty, directed by Ivan Rivas
And We’ll Drink Coconut Milk Under A Tropic Sky by Susan C. Hunter, directed by Alejandra Cisneros
Waiting for Kafka by Kevin Crust, directed by Lee Sankowich 

December 10, 2012

No Room at the Holiday Inn by Roy Battocchio, directed by Lee Sankowich
The Holiday Tree by Dan Berkowitz, directed by Sylvia Blush
Trumps by Louis Felder, directed by Jim Kleinmann
Marshmallow World by Forrest Hartl, directed by Matt Gottlieb
The Other Shop Around the Corner by Timothy Hill, directed by Darin Anthony 
The Cello by Elayne Heilveil, directed by Jesus Reyes

January 14, 2013

Searching for Neil Armstrong by James Harmon Brown, directed by Allan Miller
Nana’s Roses by Joe Luis Cedillo, directed by Becca Wolff
45 Milligrams by Ian Kaye, directed by Jim Kleinmann
Martin Luther Batman by Marc Ketchem, directed by Abigail Deser
Flight Time by Carolina Rojas Moretti, directed by Peter Kuo 
Indivisible by Ann-Giselle Spiegler, directed by Lee Sankowich

February 11, 2013

A Sweet Lollapalooza by Dean Farell Bruggeman, directed by Sylvia Blush
Romeo and Jules by Ron Burch, directed by Jim Kleinmann
For the Love of Columbina by Kathleen Cecchin, directed by Ivan Rivas
Red Lines by Joe Luis Cedillo, directed by Jennifer Chang
The Kid in the Trunk by John Corcoran, directed by Jim Kleinmann 
Ferris Wheel of Love by Elayne Heilveil, directed by Frieda de Lackner

March 11, 2013

Pinocchia by Kathleen Cecchin, directed by Robert Cucuzza
The Prince and the Closet Castle by Andrew Crabtree, directed by Sylvia Blush 
Patricius Unleashed by Kevin Crust, directed by Peter Kuo
JC: The Musical by Forrest Hartl, directed by Andrew Borba
Humpty Dumpty Vs Jack Sprat by Marc Ketchem, directed by Lee Sankowich
Keeping the Wolf from the Door by Thomas J. Misuraca, directed by Jim Kleinmann

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